Chatham Park
Kissimmee, FL

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Chatham Park, Kissimmee, Florida

Welcome to our Chatham Park Kissimmee review website.

We are seasoned travelers and recently spent time in Chatham Park, a vacation resort in Kissimmee, Florida where we staid in one of the villas. We had been to Chatham Park before and were quite happy with the place then. Unfortunately we were to get a nasty surprise on our latest and certainly last visit to Chatham Park.

This site highlights the issues we encountered. What struck us most was the disastrous security situation as well as the rundown, unmaintained properties.

While the foreclosures, filth, dirt and decay are certainly not exclusive to Chatham Park, very little seems to have been done to preserve its initial beauty and to ensure the visitors' safety. Thus, we found long steel nails on our driveway which some punk must have put there when we complained about the loud music coming from the neighbor's place. We looked for a security guard to talk to. Nobody was available and none of the neighbors would give us the phone number of the security company that services Chatham Park at times. Apparently they don't have a phone number and can't be reached.

We thought about calling the Sheriff's Department about this incident but all things considered, since we were about to leave, we just let it go as we were told by one of the residents there about the multiple breakins and attempted home invasions in Chatham Park. We did not want to make ourselves a target.

It seems that the security company is a joke. An empty patrol car sitting at the entrance to Chatham Park is certainly no deterrent to criminals. Saturdays and Sundays are especially troublesome as there is no security whatsoever in Chatham Park as we were told. Therefore, if you do visit Chatham Park, do not, under any circumstances, leave valuables in the house. We ended up buying lock bars ourselves to close the door and windows shut as the villa we were in did not have a security system. Unless the situation changes dramatically and security is taken seriously, Chatham Park is not a safe location.

Though we enjoy salsa and other latino music, the noise level was over the top. Felt more like Miami than the Kissimmee we knew. Juveniles driving around with loud blaring car stereos. Just plain annoying.

We were even offered to buy drugs right there in Chatham Park. Seems the dealers have the place well covered.

On the backside of the villa we were in was an abandoned house with a green pool and three large dogs running around the premises. It was a breeding ground for mosquitoes. We couldn't use the porch of the villa we were in, it was constantly mosquito infested.

While we were there, there was a tornado warning. We asked the neighbors if we could stay in the house but were told that Chatham Park has been through three major hurricanes in 2004 and that the houses would not be able to take another major punch. Built in 2003 prior to the tightened building code that came after hurricane Andrew, the houses are apparently unsafe in any storm. Needless to say that we didn't stay and went to a major hotel until the tornado warning was over.

Think twice before booking your vacation in Chatham Park.
That place sucks and for our next Florida vacation, we will stay at a Disney Hotel.
Hope this helps you avoid the mistake we did by staying there. Click on Photos above to see Chatham Park in its full horror, including the mess we had to put up with.